Natures Gentle Touch Eucalyptus anti-hair breakage bundle


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Eucalyptus Anti- Hair Breakage Bundle

The Eucalyptus Anti-Breakage Bundle consists of the Weekly Shampoo, Weekly Reconstruction Masque, Weekly Leave-In Serum and Daily Control. This treatment is designed to treat severe hair breakage and restore the hair back to health.

Size: 110ml each


How To Use Eucalyptus Anti- Hair Breakage Range

Step 1

Healthy Hair begins with a healthy scalp. Start reconstruction treatment with the WEEKLY ANTI- HAIR BREAKAGE SHAMPOO. Use it to clean the hair and the scalp and then rinse off afterwards. REPEAT WEEKLY.

Step 2

After Shampooing, apply the ANTI-HAIR BREAKAGE RECONSTRUCTION MASQUE. Then cover the hair with a heating cap for about 30 minutes, rinse off and REPEAT WEEKLY.

Step 3

When you have rinsed off the reconstruction Masque, apply the ANTI-HAIR BREAKAGE LEAVE-IN SERUM, then go ahead and style your hair. REPEAT 1-3 WEEKLY.

Step 4

Use the ANTI-HAIR BREAKAGE CONTROL daily to continue the reconstruction process and protect your hair from activities that lead to breakage. REPEAT DAILY.

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